Today I run.

Sunday, March 30, 2014
This morning before the sun comes up I will roll out of bed and drive the forty-five minute drive to our nation's capital. To run. To run my first 5k. For Down Syndrome. (But really for Henry.)

These past three months of training have been huge. I am running faster, harder, longer stretches than I ever have (5 kilometers, 3.11 miles, non stop). Though I have grumbled and complained (almost without fail) before each training run these months, this training, has been so good for me. Physically it has revived my body. But more importantly it has been reviving my spirit. My perseverance has increased with each hill. My resolve has strengthened each time I tied on my trusty Asics. My endurance has increased every time I wanted to turn back but kept going. The training was for me. I needed it, physically and spiritually.

But today, this run, is for Henry.  To be his sister, cheer leader, therapist, advocate, guardian...and friend I will need strength to push him when he wants to quit. Resolved to never tolerate any less than the best. And endurance to stick with him through thick and thin.

To Henry, the only boy who can get me out of bed before dawn on a Sunday morning, this one's for you.


  1. Beautiful. <3 My prayers are with you today. :)

  2. (Ooh, also, BTW looks fabulous. Lovely new design!)