The Henry Ford Museum

Monday, March 17, 2014
third and final part of the michigan trip...oh, yes, i just finished a series...first time for me...hey, you take the small victories.

So we found ourselves in Detroit for a few days and, really, what is there to do in Detroit except cars? And that is how I ended up at the Henry Ford museum. I entered the museum expecting an air/space type museum. Basically cars and planes. I thought I would enjoy my brothers' excitement over the museum more than the museum itself. As it turns out, I was wrong. There were trains, planes and automobiles (which happens to also be the title of a hysterical Steve Martin and John Candy film) and lots of them. But there was so much more and even the planes, trains and automobiles were presented in such as way as to fascinate even those who don't know the first thing about engines (see also: me). The president motorcade, from Roosevelt's buggy to Clinton's limo, including the car in which President Kennedy was assassinated, was amazing. The Civil rights display was moving. I loved the nostalgia of the the traveling America display. And I haven't even mentioned the beautiful architecture of the museum and surrounding buildings. So much to see I really could have spent two or three days.

In conclusion to the Michigan trip, four tips for anyone visiting Detroit: 1. do not attempt putting on lipstick while driving...I'm telling you, Detroit has the bumpiest roads in America, 2. if you need a place to stay, crash Brandon and Julianne's apartment and tell them the Wachters sent you, 3. don't count on the scenery (there really isn't any) and 4. visit the Henry Ford Museum...well worth your time.



  1. I was just thinking about this trip the other day and concluded all hopes of ever actually blogging about it were pretty much a thing of the past. Glad to see someone is getting around to it.

  2. 1. Truth. A million times over. You don't even want to know how much we've had to pay to fix tires/wheels this winter. And believe it or not, they are 10x worse than they were in January.

    2. Absolutely! We actually have a guest room now so you wouldn't even have to sleep on the couch!

    3. My dear, make a note that you did see the ugliest part of MI during the ugliest part of the year. I mean, you were practically in OHIO :) B says the same thing though so this summer we are heading up north and to the west side of the state for a little bit more scenic adventuring.

    4. Absolutely! Love that place. If you come back in the summer we will go to the village attached - it's awesome.