Baby Shower x 3

Friday, March 28, 2014
If spring is baby season than February is baby shower season. Or at least this year when is seems everyone is expecting. We have three dear friends due in March, April and May. Since they all knew each other we thought it would be fun to host a 3x baby shower. And that is exactly what we did February 20th at a local cafe. 

Our colors were purple, gray and green. I detest typical baby colors and typical neutral baby colors even more. These colors, on the other hand, make me happy. 

I have this thing about invites. And I have this even bigger thing about handmade invites. There are few things I appreciate as much as a well designed invite. And big bonus points if you throw in some twine. Consequently, we spent two Saturdays working on these invites. Totally worth it. They came out so pretty and still makes me happy when I look at them.
We made blessing cards for guests to share prayers and wishes for mom and baby. We tied the invites and blessing cards together with this fabulous purple striped twine from Sweet Love Fun.

The centerpieces were harder. Centerpieces for long tables are always a challenge. I tossed around several ideas and finally settled on this just a week before the baby shower. I found these awesome gray scarves on eBay for less than $2 each. Perfect, oh-so-affordable table runner.
We made the pennants with skewers and washi tape and put them in parfait glassed filled with silver table scatter. The card holders were leftover from a dinner we decorated for last year. We made cards to display on the with prayer requests for mom and baby.
We finished the table decor off with purple decoupaged candle holders, the party favors and purple rhinestone table scatter. 
The cupcakes were MAGNIFICENT! I just adore Sam's Club's chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate icing. Why bother making our own when you can buy something this good? We asked all three ladies what kind of cupcakes they would like and they all said chocolate with chocolate icing. I knew there was a reason I loved these women :)
We decorated the cupcakes with sugar sprinkles in our theme colors and small pennants made from toothpicks and, you guessed it, washi tape. Let's just say washi tape played a BIG part in this party.
It was our hope this baby shower would be a time of celebrating these new lives and a time of prayer for Mom and baby as they embark on such a big adventure. On each favor we tied a card with a prayer. We began the shower by going around the room praying the prayer our favors. The plan was everyone would take their favors home and continue to prayer the prayer attached. Prayers really do make such a difference!
The favors themselves were chocolate dipped marshmallows. YUM! I am not a big fan of marshmallows but dip them in chocolate (for that matter dip pretty much anything in chocolate) and I go slightly crazy.
Emma designed this awesome banner on her Cricut. 
Remember the blessing cards in the invites? We set up a table with a jars for people to put the blessing cards. I designed the tags and we embellished with twine and WASHI TAPE (what else?).
The outcome? We had  a beautiful time of prayer. And a large turnout. And the employees told us they had never seen the room looking so lovely. And almost all the guests said they had a great time. Win, win, win. 

The three lovely mother's themselves... (Seriously, I hope if I ever have a baby I can manage to be as beautiful and stylish as these ladies are.)
It was kinda surreal to be celebrating in the same place with many of the same people we had celebrated Addison's baby shower less than a year ago. How much God has worked and we have all changed in the past year!

By way of epilogue, baby Nehemiah (mother pictured on the far right) was born the second week of March and is just so sweet and tiny. Can't wait to meet all three kiddos and watch them grow!



  1. This literally looks like the sweetest baby shower ever! You all are so creative. I love it. :)

  2. You did a terrific job! Absolutely beautiful (you can't go wrong with purple!), so creative, & I love your attention to detail.