In which I cry during a wedding.

Friday, February 28, 2014
nabbed this from Julianne's credit to their amazing photographer
Remember the Detroit trip part one? Here's part two... 

Of course, the whole point of the trek to Michigan was the wedding. The wedding in which my dear friend Julianne married the love of her life and they began their happily every after. And if the wedding is to be trusted as any indicator, their happily ever after is going to be incredible. Everything about the occasion was perfect. Witnessing two people who love each other like crazy (and love Jesus even more) come together for a lifetime is nothing short of beautiful. Every detail of the day reflected so well their love for Jesus, their love for their family and their love for living life. The ceremony was a testimony of His incredible work in their lives. The reception a celebration of what was yet to come. Even the salmon was perfectly cooked (three cheers for caterers who cook salmon properly!). Julianne was the most elegant bride I have ever seen. Addison charmed all the guest. Sam rocked the dance floor (and proudly told me later that he danced with both the bride and the groom). Mom befriended the waitress (she does that).

For me, half the fun of any wedding is discussing it afterward. After a wedding my mom and I love to rehash every aspect of a wedding, complimenting the triumphs and correcting their mistakes. But when we crashed in our hotel room with truffles and HGTV to go over the wedding we couldn't find a single flaw. Everything about the day was so right (except for my hair and dropping the camera in the lobby but that doesn't count). Never before have I been to a wedding where there was such an overwhelming feeling of right. Where it was so clear God brought this couple together. And you just knew together they were going to thrive and be incredible.

Congratulations, Julianne and Brandon! You two are amazing. Love you guys (and can't wait to meet your 12 kids...)



  1. In which I cry after reading a post....

    You guys are amazing. Love you all. The day wouldn't have been the same without you!

  2. Oh, she is such a beautiful bride!!!

    (I have also dropped my camera before but it was while crossing a busy street and my mom nearly stopped traffic while we tried to find it and pick it up)